Join me on an Exploration!

Learn about the Universal Laws of Golden Ratio, Laws of Seven, Law of Karma, and the Laws of Attraction


Learn about the Evolutionary Process

Including the cycles that occur every 5125 years, 26,000 years, 26 million years and what could happen.

Explore the true meaning behind the Mayan people and other Native prophecies...

Learn about various dimensions and energy fields, and what they have to do with you.


Your health and welfare are depending on YOU...

Learn how to expand your awareness and raise your level of consciousness.

Learn how your attitude toward life and the universe determines what happens.

Learn how to balance and heal your chakras.

Learn how to awaken your heart.

Learn how to remove your karma patterns.


2012 is all about CHOICE.... and it is....

Packed with tools, tips and practices to help make your life easier
between now and December 21, 2012.

Time for you to Choose!


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Joe Parazoo embarked on a spiritual journey of transformation in 2005... After considerable study and inner healing, he realized that his mission was to help other people become healed at the soul level... providing information, tips, exercises and tools to help people heal.


He continued his transformation through the art of meditation and started to share his recordings..


Dr Joe Parazoo is the author of several books.. He has been married since 1978 to a beautiful soul, Kim. They have two children and four grandchildren..


Joe Parazoo has a doctors degree in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Sedona. He is also a certified Hypnotherapist through the American Alliance of Hypnotists.


Upon discovering quantum physics, Joe Parazoo received training and became certified as an energy healing master through the modality called Reiki... He practices, teaches and shares the healing energy via local Reiki circles.



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